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New Products from Ilford ⚗️📸

Ilford has been a staple of film photography for 140 years. The British photo company manufactures film, photographic paper as well as chemistry and accessories. Their films are some of our popular products. Just over a week ago they started teasing some mysterious new products on their social media accounts. Yesterday those new products were announced and it was a whole range of new products, not just a new film. 

Ilford Ortho Plus 80 Film

Ilford Ortho Plus 80 Film

It's been a while since Ilford introduced a new film to their range but they've ended that streak with Ortho Plus 80. So why is it called Ortho? Well, that's because it's an orthochromatic black and white film. This film is particularly sensitive to green and blue light so makes it ideal for landscape photography. Its lack of red sensitivity also makes the red and oranges in frame much darker with increased contrast compared to panochromatic film (all of the other products in their film range are panochromatic).  

It is DX coded at ISO 80 for natural daylight. However, if you are shooting under tungsten light then manually set the ISO at 40. This new film will be available in 35mm, 120 as well as sheet film and of course we will be stocking some here at Film Bros very soon. Head to the 35mm and 120 format product pages and tap/click the button to notify you when it is in stock.

Harman Reusable Camera - Film Bros

Harman Reusable Camera

In addition to the new Ortho Plus 80, Ilford have also announced a reusable camera that comes with two rolls of Kentmere film, which we'll be stocking shortly. It's a great gift idea for someone interested in film photography but not yet ready to take the risk of getting a second-hand point and shoot. Alternatively, it's a great first camera for children who are interested in shooting film. We'll be stocking this item in due course. 

Ilford Paterson Kit - Film Bros

Lastly, there is an announcement of the fifth generation of their Multigrade RC Deluxe photo paper as well as a wonderful collaboration with Paterson that they're calling a film starter kit that contains almost everything you would need to develop your first rolls of film at home (you will need a darkroom or changing bag to load the film).

It's great to see companies like Ilford investing in new products as well as updating existing products in their range. They clearly see growth in the future of film photography and that's great news for everyone.

Check out our Ilford collection in our online store for all the current products of their we stock, which are some of our more popular products. 

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